Monday, June 23, 2008

fruity frozen yogurt

another super easy recipe! we had some frozen yogurt tubes at a friends house and my kids loved it. it reminded me to make some popsicles. they came out so good with lots of fruit and way less sugar than store bought versions. i have made them with yogurt but today i used kefir and it tasted the same. ive done cherry strawberry and cherry rasberry. its probably best to use one sweet fruit with one thats not as sweet. the cherries are very sweet so the went well with the tangy strawberries and rasberries.

in a blender put about 2 cups plain yogurt or kefir and 1 cup fruit (i used frozen fruit)
pour into popsicle molds! thats it

today i made to much so i put some in a container for ice creamish frozen yogurt. i dont have any room in the freezer for the ice cream maker so i just mixed it every once in a while and it came out nice and creamy!

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