Monday, August 9, 2010

some talk about kombucha

after a couple years of experimenting i think i'm finally getting the hang of flavoring kombucha. you want to know the secret?? i've read hundreds of posts on making kombucha, looked through every website know to the fermenting world and i never got this recommendation, yet it sat in front of me the whole time. two words, FRESH and PUREE. it's right there on the back of my gt's bottles!

i've been doing lots of experimenting lately with flavors. i got a new scoby from a friend and i have to say it works a hell of a lot better than my homegrown one so i don't know if i can recommend growing your own anymore unless you absolutely cant get anything else. in fact, i will even send you one, just email me, k? anyway, flavors. . .now that i have a faster producing mother. . . i bought all kind of bottled juice and they never seemed to come out right. i made an awesome one with fresh pressed apple juice and ginger last year but i don't have my juicer anymore so i thought . . . how about puree, in fact the strawberry and mango gt"s lists puree on their labels, hmmm . . .
here's some combo's i've tried
-leftover breakfast smoothie: banana, mango, strawberry, with fresh oj. that one rocked.
-grapes blended to a juicy puree
-strawberry/plum puree with a bit of raw honey (and yes it came out just fine with the honey)
-a blend of fresh squeezed oj and lemon juice with grated ginger

all these will be chunky unless you strain them or have one of those super blenders. i suggest you strain them after fermentation because lots of flavor comes out of the pulp while it sits around.

so go experiment! happy fermenting!

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