Sunday, February 28, 2010

My secret granola recipe

I guess its not really secret but it's just kinda different than most granola recipes. I tried forever to make a granola that clumped together without using crap-loads of sugar. They just never seemed to come out like the store bought kind, until I tried this... Nut butter. The nut butter (I usually use peanut) mixed with honey and oil makes a nice sticky goo that clumps the granola perfectly :)

You can use different kinds of nut butters but let me tell you, the peanut butter is good! My husband isn't fond of PB and he loves this granola. There's almost a cup in here but it really doesn't overwhelm the taste at all. This is going to make a gallon. Because its kind of a pain to make it, not hard but time consuming so I like to get it over with. It doesn't last very long anyway. Try mixing up the flavors too, just keep the ratios the same.

Banana Pecan Granola

In a very big bowl:
12 c toasted oats ( toast on a cookie sheet for 10 minutes at 200)
2 c ground crispy (soaked and them dehydrated) pecans (I grind them in my food processor bc my kids don't like big chunks of nuts. You could just chop them if you like.
1 c chopped banana chips (sweetened)
1 c unsweetened coconut flakes

Melt in a saucepan on low:
1 c coconut oil
1 c honey
3/4 c peanut butter
1/2 t salt

Mix the wet into the dry, you might have to dig in and mix it with your hands to get it all spread out.

Toast on a cookie sheet in batches at 200 for 15 to 20 minutes. It will seem moist still when you take it out but it will get crunchy when cooled. It will be golden brown when it's done.

Ps... We buy pre-made almond milk right now but I used to make it and when I did I would use the leftover meal in my granola. You could substitute any nut meal for the pecans here.
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