Tuesday, October 14, 2008

dont fill those cavities!

did you know that if you dont have your cavities filled they will heal themselves with the proper care and nutrition? your dentist wont tell you- they want to fill them! unfortunately i didnt find out until just after i got a few cavities filled, but still im So glad i found this information to prevent more from forming and to care for my kids teeth as well.

a few months ago i noticed a cavity forming on my 3 year old daughters tooth. it looked like a tiny hole that was light brown in the center. this was when we had just started all the remineralization protocol. now, after not long at all the brown part is gone and the hole is much smaller. also my son used to grind his teeth at night when he was younger and he really did some damage. they are actually starting to grow their old length back! this is even amazing to me (and im into lots of weird stuff) so i can imagine folks thinking it cant be true. but really there are lots of people out there that have had major sucess healing their teeth this way.

the biggest thing for me was realizing this: toothpaste is bad for your teeth!
well, we already used natural toothpaste to dodge all the crap in conventional stuff but the ingredient you really want to avoid is in most natural toothpastes too. glycerin! glycerin bonds to your teeth and actually keeps them from remineralizing themselves (something that they do naturally). it takes a month after you stop using glycerin toothpaste for it to be totally off your teeth. there are a few toothpastes out there that dont contain glycerin but your best bet is to use Tooth Soap, or we just use a tiny drop of dr bronners soap because its way cheaper than tooth soap. and then once a week or so we brush with a little baking soda. the thought of soap in you mouth might disgust you but its actually not that bad. it tastes kind of sweet to me now and it will make your teeth feel cleaner than ever before!

the rest is all nutrition based. of course you want to avoid sugar especially refined sugar. try to stick to honey and maple syrup, or rapadura if you must use sugar. and avoid other refined carbohydrates like white flour also.

lots of probiotics: raw fermented milk like yogurt or kefir, raw fermented veggies

bone broths: like stocks except you want to focus more on the bones than veggies to start and you have to simmer it for much longer than most people do stocks for. i do mine on and off for two days.

supplements: trace minerals, cod liver oil, and vitamin k ( from butter oil if you can), and calcium. the best way to take calcium is from powdered eggshells. its easily absorbed and it has lots of other good stuff for you too. rinse out your good quality eggshells after you use them, let them dry, and grind in a coffee grinder. a half teaspoon is about 400 mg of calcium, and you always want to take magnesium with calcium so take 600 mg of magnesium also.

im so glad i found out about this and im so exited to pass it on!


Jane B said...

Hi Jill. We've been using xylitol chewing gum too; and I'm really glad that both Sam and Selena like the taste of baking soda in water. Raising the pH of your mouth is good, it kills bacteria. I didn't know that about glycerin though. Thanks!

jill said...

my kids like baking soda better than soap too. tooth soap put honey and essential oils in theirs to make it taste good but honey in toothpaste just doesnt make sense to me!
i meant to tell you ive been doing "no poo"! my hair feels SO good! i want to do a post about it

nivchek said...

Have you seen my teeth post!? Mine seem to be growing back!

nivchek said...

What is no poo!? Sounds like something I'd like to know about. I hate shampoo.

jill said...

yes, i read yours. im totally convinced that it works. we did super low carbs for 2 months and my teeth didnt hurt at all and now that weve been cheating for the holidays they hurt again.
no poo is no shampoo. the basic idea is that soap strips the oils from your hair too much and then you end up using more products. you wash with baking soda and rinse with vinegar as a conditioner. you have to experiment and figure out the ratios that work for you.
heres some basic info:

(c) Amy J. Hoppins said...

I'm so glad you've found a way to go with out toothpastes! I have kept my children off until they found [as teenagers] that the crap stuff "tastes so GOOD!" so keep this info for when they want to try all those worldly things..it is so sad that when my kids need this the most in their developing lives that they choose nasty corporate crap..:(