Monday, September 15, 2008

candied nuts


1 cup crispy nuts
1/4 cup honey

heat a frying pan a little above medium heat. (i put mine on 5 and i always use a cast iron pan) let it heat up while and then add a couple tablespoon of butter. once its melted and bubbly add the nuts and mix them in the butter to coat and lightly toast them. once the nuts are all hot add the honey - be careful it will bubble up and get really crazy. hot sugar seems to be one of the hottest of hot things! its sticks to you and really burns. let it bubble and do its thing while constantly stirring so its doesnt burn or stick. add about a half teaspoon of salt. it has to be bubbling tho so turn it up if its not. this is what will make the honey end up hard and candy-like in the end. keep it going for about 5 minutes. then turn off the heat and let it cool right in the pan. at this point you could add other ingredients that you didnt want to cook like shredded coconut or dried fruit. once its cooled it will become hard/chewy.

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